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Production Stages

1The outset (inspiration)

Our production starts with… inspiration. Our designers draw on their inspiration and this is how a new wallpaper comes to life. Frequently, nature and wildlife encourage them to create their warm and cosy designs for your home.

2Design Development

At this stage, the designers’ hand-drawn sketches are transferred to a computer and the design is further developed. Our designers cooperate with European design studios therefore their ideas take shape to the highest standard

3Preparation of Base Material

This is the stage where the base material is prepared. And designers select base material for future wallpaper: they can select both paper and non-woven material. We buy base material from the leading European producers.

4Pattern Printing

At this stage, the wallpaper’s pattern is applied, as it will be in its final form. Each colour of the pattern is applied individually in turn or with rollers for gravure printing or stencils

5Heat Embossing the Decorative Layer

At this stage, the wallpaper makes its way through the embossing roller. This is where the pattern appears. Our specialists manually engrave and prepare these special rollers for six months to achieve this stage.

6Drying of the Decorative Layer

The beautiful design that has been applied onto the wallpaper is fixed at this stage. The process takes place in a drying oven. After drying, the wallpaper passes through the cooling drums.

7Cutting the Material

Once the material is ready, it is cut. Our wallpaper is cut at widths of 0.53m or 1.06m. Depending on the wallpaper type, it is cut at lengths of 10m, 15m or 25m


This stage involves the distribution of our products. The goods are sent to the retailers, to warehouses and other storage areas for finished products

9Cosy warmth in your Home

This is the final stage, the culmination of all the previous production stages and the key objective of our work: wallpaper that pleases the eye and brings a cozy atmosphere to your home

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